Schedule is Posted!

Exciting news! FADGE is just around the corner (like you didn’t know!) and now you can visit our “Schedule of Events” page and see just when and where everything is going down.  And if you weren’t excited already, here’s a few more things you might not have heard:

by Cristy Road!

F.A.D.G.E. Fest has….

  • Childcare!
  • A Film Fest on Saturday night
  • Bring a t-shirt and leave with a FADGE shirt
  • A free market/clothing swap. Bring anything from home that you’d like to pass on
  • Free Vegetarian/Vegan dinner on Saturday night
  • Recycled items crafting table

Lastly, want to know how you can help out at F.A.D.G.E.? It’s easy! Tell a friend! More folks = more fun. Thanks and see ya soon!


F.A.D.G.E. Fest CRAFTZINE: Call for Submissions

Coinciding with this year’s FADGE Fest (April 24-25, 2010), will be the publication of a FADGE Fest Craftzine. Anyone can submit DIY projects, stories about crafting, or artwork for inclusion. Submissions are due April 5, 2010.

Please spread the word to anyone who might be interested.
Craft projects and stories related to physical and mental health are particularly appropriate this year, but all types of projects are welcome. Just a few of the things we get excited about at FADGE Fest are: home remedies, reusing and recycling, self-sufficiency, menstruation gear, activism, bicycles, and dumpster-diving.

1) All submissions must be your original work. We know you didn’t invent knitting or decoupage, but your submission must be reasonably original. Please do not send in a pattern published by someone else or plagiarize instructions.

2) Send text in a .doc, .txt, or .rtf file.

3) Including artwork is encouraged. Your own scanned illustrations would be great. Digital photos are okay, too, but keep in mind that this zine is black-and-white and will probably be reproduced on a photocopier. Email writetogillian (at) gmail.com with questions about artwork.

Women in Fine Art by the fabulous Cristy Road

4) Include your name as you would like it to be published in the zine. Feel free to include any contact information (email, website, etc.) you would like to have published with your piece.

5) Send everything to writetogillian (at) gmail.com by April 5, 2010.

Submitting to the FADGE Fest Craftzine does not guarantee inclusion in the publication. But we fully intend on cramming everything in there.

Many thanks!


April 3 Benefit Dinner


by the fabulous Cristy Road

Date: Saturday, April 3, 2010
Time: 6:00-8:00pm

Location: Unitarian Universalist Society
608 Whitney Ave
New Haven, CT

We are hosting a dinner party to benefit the F.A.D.G.E. Fest. We are requesting donations starting at $5 to provide a budget for speaker fees, travel expenses, etc. for the upcoming conference.

Choose from a delicious menu of vegetarian and vegan options.  Live music and pleasant conversation are also  included.


Who should attend F.A.D.G.E.?

Who should attend F.A.D.G.E.?


F.A.D.G.E. is:

fun, educational, emotional, an experience, creative, female-positive, meeting new friends, hearing great music, free food, healing, good conversations, new ideas, loving your body, supportive folks, breaking down barriers, learning to set boundaries, art, queer friendly, making stuff, free clothes.

F.A.D.G.E. is you, F.A.D.G.E. is me.

F.A.D.G.E. is us, F.A.D.G.E. is we.


Welcome to F.A.D.G.E. Fest!

by the fabulous Cristy Road

F.A.D.G.E. Fest (yes, we know it rhymes with vag!) is a female-positive day of workshops, art and music. We are open to all ages and genders (everyone is welcome!) and we look forward to a wonderful festival and also to raising money for a great cause (help us end domestic violence in CT!). So mark your calendars and get ready for a heapin’ helpin’ of awesomeness.

F.A.D.G.E. Fest

April 24-25

@ The Charter Oak Cultural Center

21 Charter Oak Ave., Hartford, CT